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  • PLAN B Transport offers all types of Corporate Bus & Coach Transfers and Charters throughout Sydney. If your organisation is looking to hire a Bus or Coach in Sydney to transport anywhere in NSW, then why not contact PLAN B Transport Bus & Coach Hire Sydney for your next corporate charter..

    Corporate Bus Hire Sydney – PLAN B covers all Suburbs in Sydney with our premium Coach and Bus Hire Services and you can always rely on us for bookings, to allow our Bus Hire Drivers to take you around safely as you arrive on time. If you have a firm in need of Coach or Bus Hire Services, reach out to us to experience a comfortable ride in spacious buses that are not noisy and are highly reliable, then we are your ideal company! We cater for all your Corporate Events, Conferences and Meetings so you can be sure that we have you covered as you commute in and around Sydney. Let’s take you and your company places in style!

    There are so many reasons why you should really use our services that we are so confident in. Our company is so proud that we have top quality Bus Drivers with a keen eye and also adequate knowledge of the routes in Sydney so you will never be late and will surely arrive safely. A lot of customers often ask, how is that your Bus and Coach Hire Service in Sydney are so inexpensive? Our reply is that ‘we do not just serve Sydney, we serve our customers well!’ because we know that it can be difficult for many teams, parties, schools and other customers who might want to book Bus and Coach Hire Service to various places in Sydney.

    You’ll see that we are one of the most Cost Effective Bus Hire Transport Companies in Sydney and we go about delivering our services with you in mind before anything else because that’s how important you are to us. You have so many reasons to ride with PLAN B Coach and Bus Hire Transport and one of the top reasons is because we are so affordable and reliable.

    Come speak with us, we’ll listen, even if you have a super tight budget, we’re very much open to discussion and can help ensure that you and your team get around as you arrive at your destination in our spacious and stylish buses. We know Sydney so well, our Bus Hire Drivers can reach almost anywhere in Sydney in ample time, you’ll never have to worry about arriving on time at all.

    We have created so many ways for you to utilize our services on a one off or even regular basis. You can book directly from our website, contact us by phone or even email us about Sydney Bus and Coach Hire Services that you desire. We have always been waiting for you and cannot wait to deliver our Bus and Coach Hire Services in Sydney to you. Your group will experience Bus Hire with PLAN B Bus and Coach Transport Sydney like you’ve never done before. We’re fast, reliable and affordable, therefore you and your team, group or school have no worries when using our Bus Hire Services in Sydney, we’re the most punctual Transport Company and we provide a comfy ride to our passengers at the same time.

    We also offer a 24 hour support for bookings and other queries so you can always reach out to us; our business is smooth, safe and timely, which is why we are so loved among our customer base, because our Sydney Bus Hire services are incomparable to any other company out there, we have raised the bar and kept the prices low so you can always afford our Bus Hire Services which are essential on a daily basis. PLAN B Bus and Coach Transport Sydney is your hero Commuting Company, leave all the Bus and Coach Hire Services in and around Sydney to us!

    If your looking for a bus or coach company in Sydney that provides friendly and affordable bus tours and charters anywhere in NSW then PLAN B Transport Bus & Coach Sydney can provide you with friendly, reliable and efficient bus and coach services for your clients.

    We offer large buses for all types of events as well are affordable and professional in every way. If your company is looking for a Bus or Coach hire in Sydney, then contact PLAN B Transport Bus & Coach Today on 1300 244 383

  • Inbound Tour Group Transfers & Charters

    PLAN B Transport Bus & Coach offers all Inbound Travel Companies a professional and friendly Bus & Coach Service for your guests. No matter how large or small the inbound tour group is, our bus and coaches are available to transport anywhere in NSW.

  • Events, Conferences & Meetings

    PLAN B Transport Bus & Coach offers a friendly, affordable and reliable Bus & Coach service for any type of occasion. Whether it's a corporate function, corporate or business transfers, we offer all sized buses for any group size. If your company or organisation is looking for a reliable bus or coach company in Sydney, then PLAN B Transport Bus & Coach can provide you with the right transportation service at the right price.