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  • PLAN B offers a range of bus sizes available for all types of events. From smaller to larger style bus and Coaches available to transport small or large groups of school students to and from their locations. We welcome all types of school events. Whether you are looking at hiring a 57 seater bus with no seatbelts or a 57 seater coach with seatbelts and air conditioning. We offer a range of buses available to transport school children throughout Sydney. If your school is looking for a Bus or Coach for any type of school transfer or charter, then PLAN B Transport Bus & Coach has a wide range of buses and coaches for any type of event.

    PLAN B Bus and Coach Transport has unbeatable services that many other bus companies do not offer because we know exactly what our customers need. What do we really have on the table? From the onset of visiting our website or giving us a call, you’ll realise that we are an all-rounder Coach and Bus Hire Company in Sydney; which means that we offer every single Bus and Coach Transport Service that you could possible think of out there! Don’t see a service that you thought we had either? We have no problem listening and taking you on that one! Whether you have a large group of school students or teams, we can handle the job relating to Charters or Tours around Sydney. Below are some of the many services that we offer and have been doing well as one of the best Bus and Coach Hire Service providers in Sydney.

    School Bus and Coach Hire Sydney – If you’re looking to take your school around on tour or to school events, PLAN B Transport is your ideal Bus and Coach Hire Company to get the job done. We know how important it is to take students around safely and ensure that they arrive on time as well. Why settle for other companies when they often don’t deliver premium quality Bus and Coach Hire Service in spacious and comfortable buses? Furthermore, they are so expensive; but PLAN B Transport cuts the cost in half, to ensure that everyone can travel around Sydney in our classy buses.

    School bus hire in Sydney provides a safe and convenient transportation solution for educational institutions, ensuring students reach their destinations comfortably and on time. With a focus on safety, reliability, and affordability, school bus hire services in Sydney cater to the unique needs of schools and educational organizations.

    One of the primary benefits of school bus hire is the emphasis on safety. These services adhere to strict safety regulations and standards to ensure the well-being of students during transportation. From regular maintenance checks to trained and experienced drivers, school bus hire companies prioritize the safety of passengers above all else.

    Additionally, school bus hire services offer convenience and peace of mind for schools and parents alike. By outsourcing transportation needs to professional providers, schools can focus on their core mission of education while ensuring students have reliable transportation to and from school, field trips, sports events, and other activities.

    School bus hire in Sydney also provides flexibility to accommodate the varying needs of different schools and student groups. Whether it's a small group outing or transporting an entire student body, school bus hire companies offer a range of vehicle sizes and customization options to suit specific requirements.

    Moreover, school bus hire services often come with transparent pricing structures, making it easy for schools to budget for transportation costs without any hidden fees or surprises.

    In summary, school bus hire in Sydney offers a safe, reliable, and cost-effective transportation solution for educational institutions, allowing them to prioritize student safety and well-being while ensuring efficient travel logistics.

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    We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. Our focus is solely and utterly on ensuring that you have a memorable and seamless experience with us with regards to all your Sydney School Bus Hire needs. We understand that if your experience with us is pleasant and memorable, then for certain we will see you again and again when you are needing school bus hire in and around Sydney.

    Our friendly & efficient customer service team are ready and waiting to assist you, at any hour of the day or evening. We understand that you may have an unexpected and unforseen need to urgently engage our school bus hire services throughout any of Sydney’s suburbs and that is why we endeavour to answer all our customer’s enquires within a 24 hour turnaround time.

    We believe that you, our customer are the most valuable asset that we have – without you on board we really do not have anywhere we can go! We have buses, buses, buses galore!! Whether you need a school bus for overnight hire, same day hire, one way hire, transfers or anything at all, we can meet your requirements. Our buses come in all manner of sizes.

    For Sydney School bus hire, you may only need a small mini bus –no problem, our comfortable 14 seater bus will meet your needs. Or maybe you need something slightly larger? Maybe you have more than 14 on board but not quite enough to fill a coach size bus? Again, no problem, our 21 seater school bus for hire in Sydney will get you through. With both the 14 seaters and the 21 seaters having ample space for baggage , sporting equipment and other luggage.

    For your larger Sydney School Bus Hire requirements, we recommend the our 53 seater bus or 57 seater coach. Both these size buses have an abundance of storage space, not to mention the comfort on board for all the passengers with spacious leg room and plush seats. Our entire fleet of buses come equipped with all safety features so a peaceful and safe journey awaits you, your teaching staff and all your students. Along with our fleet being in mint mechanical condition, we also provide drivers who have exceptional driving records and value your safety and comfort as an utmost priority. If you in fact have your own school bus driver and simply need to hire any one of our buses, our Customer Service team are equipped to get you up and running in no time.

    Covering all suburbs in Sydney, we travel as far and wide as you need or as short and local as you please. You are welcome to email through your enquiry, or call us or simply come and visit us in person. Before placing your booking, our customer service team will ensure all your questions are answered to your complete and utter satisfaction.

    Whether your school is looking for seat-belt or non seat-belt buses or coaches, PLAN B Transport can provide your school with all your transportation needs.

    No matter what size your school group is, we can provide the transportation your school requires at the best possible price. All types of events are welcome. From School Carnivals, School Excursions, School Transfers, School Swimming Carnivals and more.

    Contact PLAN B Bus and Coach Transport on 1300 244 383 or submit your enquiry today!